Branded shoe load


Branded shoe load

Original price was: $1,000.00.Current price is: $835.00.


Branded shoe load

1,000 pairs. Overstock/some refurb

Primarily Nike Brand


20 pallets available

1 pallet 20 pairs $2000

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Branded shoe load is a term that refers to the amount of branded shoes that a retailer has in stock or on order. It is an important indicator of the retailer’s performance, customer demand, and market trends. A high branded shoe load means that the retailer has a large inventory of branded shoes, which can be a sign of strong sales, loyal customers, and competitive advantage.

Branded shoe loadBranded shoe loadBranded shoe load

However, it can also pose some risks, such as overstocking, markdowns, and obsolescence. A low load means that the retailer has a small inventory of branded shoes, which can be a sign of weak sales, low customer satisfaction, and loss of market share. However, it can also offer some benefits, such as lower inventory costs, higher turnover, and more flexibility. Therefore, retailers need to balance their shoe load according to their business objectives, customer preferences, and industry dynamics.


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